A Run Down of the Top 3 Corps from the 2016 Season

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The Drum Corp 2016 season was definitely full of surprises, complete with a nail biting finals night. In this post, I will discuss the top three finalist corps, with a description of each corp’s show. Finishing in third with a score of 97.088, was the crowd favorite: Carolina Crown. Coming in at second place with a score of 97.250, The Blue Devils. The 2016 DCI champions, for the first time ever with a score of 97.650, The Bluecoats.

Carolina Crown

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Carolina Crown’s show “Relentless” was based off of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, taking place on the western frontier. It depicts a man tricking and killing many innocent travelers with anger in his heart. This is truly a show of heartbreak and vengeance.

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Carolina Crown’s performances demonstrated their brass and and visual appeal superiority, placing first in both areas on finals night. The show was overall very powerful, sporting a powerful intro, an intense bar scene, an emotional ballad of “Hallelujah”, finishing with an over the top moment of truth at the end with the corp’s signature “Crown Set”, where the corp forms a crown with a heavy brass hit. This was personally one of my favorite shows of all time, click here to see their entire show.

The Blue Devils

The Blue Devils preformed a show called “As Dreams Are Made On”, based off of Shakespeare’s The Tempest. The show is filled with emotion as it follows a man and his daughter cast out to sea, saved only as they are washed upon an enchanted island’s shore.

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The Blue Devils, showing consistently outstanding high brass, colorguard, and General Effect, were able to snag second place with an amazingly clean finals performance. The show begins with a fascinating visual effect, before displaying their dominance in high brass. The show then moves to a trombone/percussion feature that fit together perfectly. The show finished with an inspirational closer. For a closer look, click here to view their entire show.

The Bluecoats

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The Bluecoats performed their show, “Down Side Up”, in turn completely turning in the classical drum corp uniform type for a slick white body suit, yellow for guard, complete with a blue squiggle. The Corp’s show contained ramps, an outstanding number of trumpet/trombone solos, and a variety of music from the modern era.

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The Bluecoats, edging the reigning DCI champions, The Blue Devils, showed a different side of drum corp shows; implementing sound effects, well positioned microphones, and a  new aggressive flair to their show. The show begins with a percussion/visual appeal introduction, followed by a number of brass showcases. The show then moves to an unconventional ballad, really letting loose with their high brass and trombones. I can only describe the closer with one word: Legendary. Containing everything from outstanding brass hits to breathe taking visuals. This was truly the year of the Bluecoats. Click here to view their entire show in all its glory.


3 thoughts on “A Run Down of the Top 3 Corps from the 2016 Season

  1. I LOVE “DOWN SIDE UP”!!!!!!!! The Bluecoats is one of my favorite drum corp! I was actually going to write about this show as my first blog!!! While I was at winter guard competition last week, I actually met a guard from Paramount Winter Guard who marched in this show!!!


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