Welcome to Drum Corp Haven!

Hello! Welcome to the fascinating world that is Drum Corps International! For those of you not familiar with Drum Corps International, or DCI, it is the competitive and professional aspect of marching band. Drum Corps are made up of brass, percussion, colorguard, and drum majors. In this post, I will break down each aspect of what makes up a corp, along with a list of corps that are still competing.

Drum Majors

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Drum majors are the “conductors” of a corp. The drum major counts the corps off, leads them onto and off of the field, and gives the corps a visual for tempo, as well as breathe locations and “impact moments”.


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A corp’s brass line is what makes up a bulk of the corp’s sound. The brass line consists of, traditionally, trumpets (soprano voice), mellophones (alto voice), euphoniums and baritones (tenor voice), and contrabasses (bass voice), although trombones, french horns, and jazz trumpets called “flugelhorns” are commonly used by soloists or even whole section features.


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A corp’s percussion is made up of two sections. A “battery”, which is the percussion group made up of snares, tenor drums (quads), bass drums, and occasionally cymbals, is the group that marches on the field with the corp’s brass and colorguard. The second percussion group is commonly referred to as the “pit”, which is made up of marimbas, xylophones, keyboards, drum sets, and many more miscellaneous percussion instruments. This group is stationary, and is commonly positioned ¬†directly in front of the drum major ¬†off the field, or can be positioned on the field with the rest of the corp.


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The corp’s colorguard is the section that spins flags, rifles, and sabers, while also representing a large visual effect in helping move props and preforming a great deal of choreography.

These sections above are all imperative to a corp. Corp’s are also very selective in who is chosen to join through rigorous audition camps, training camps, and grueling all day rehearsals. Only 150 spots make up a corp, so it’s not unusual for the top corps to have some of the best marchers, musicians, and staff in the world. Here is a list of the the corps still in existence today, and are listed along with their final placements.

  1. The Bluecoats
  2. The Blue Devils
  3. Carolina Crown
  4. The Santa Clara Vanguard
  5. The Cavaliers
  6. The Cadets
  7. The Blue Knights
  8. Phantom Regiment
  9. The Blue Stars
  10. The Crossmen
  11. The Academy
  12. The Boston Crusaders
  13. The Madison Scouts
  14. The Troopers
  15. The Colts
  16. The Mandarins
  17. The Oregon Crusaders
  18. Pacific Crest
  19. Spirit of Atlanta
  20. The Cascades
  21. Jersey Surf
  22. The Pioneers

This concludes the basics of Drum Corps. If you are interested in seeing these corps on the field, click here to view a video of the top 12 corp’s best moments from the 2016 season. Thank you and enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Welcome to Drum Corp Haven!

  1. You did a very good job of explaining what Drum Core is! I participated in my High School’s marching band, and that was very rigorous. However, Drum Core seems to be even more intense! I look forward to reading more about Drum Core in future entries.
    You have received full credit for this assignment. Make sure to include proper citation for any images or videos you embed into the blog. Keep up the excellent work.
    -Mr. Tillman


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